Pressure Sensors ARGHH!

John Bordas

Posted on 28.01.2022 13:09

Hi all, I am trying to use a 0-10V pressure sensor (Hydrotechnik PR130). wired as follows to a Female DSUB9 for connection to a Krypton STG.

M12 Pin 1 - Dsub pin 6

M12 Pin 2 - NC

M12 Pin 3 - Dsub pin 8

M12 Pin 4 - Dsub pin 2

M12 Pin 5 - NC

Dsub pins 4 and 7 are shorted as per

I set up the sensor as suggested in the above post (differential, 15V excitation etc.) but I get a permanent reading of -7.46V irrespective of the pressure applied to the sensor.

Can anyone help me please?


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John Bordas

Posted on 28.01.2022 15:02

Found the issue I think! Sns+ and Exc+ need to be linked (and the -‘s!)

Rok Kmetič
Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 02.02.2022 09:34

Dear John,

I'm glad to hear that you were able to sort it out and thanks for letting us know.

The Sns connectors need to be connected to the excitation connectors manually because the sense connectors are used to regulate the excitation voltage. If the sense isn't connected to the excitation, you will have a bigger noise on the excitation.

Did connecting the SNS lines solved the problem? Which version of Dewesoft are you using?

Best Regards.


John Bordas

Posted on 03.02.2022 11:46

Hi Rok,

All sorted now, I linked SNS+ with EXC+ and SNS- with EXC-. I now get an offset but I can compensate that in the software. Using DeweX 2021.6.

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