Wiring for a Pressure Sensor - KRYPTON STG DSUB9

Stuart Smyth

Posted on 27.02.2020 10:53


What is the best wiring configuration for the attached pressure sensor, using a KRYPTON STG DSUB9

3 Wire ...Output Signal 0...10V

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Rok Kmetič
Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 02.03.2020 14:40

Dear Stuart,

The 3-wire sensor has to be connected in single ended mode.

In DEWESoft this cannot be switched because the excitation has to be used and the amplifier goes into differential mode.

A short circuit between the pin7 with pin4 will be needed, this will manually connect the input as a 3-wire single ended mode with the power sensor.

Please note that the scaling of the sensor will then need to be corrected since the reference will not be GND but EXC-.

Stuart Smyth

Posted on 02.03.2020 16:34

Hi Rok

That's great - Thanks!

Regarding the scaling of the sensor correction - will this be in the form of a sign change (+/-) or an actual value that will need determined.


Rok Kmetič
Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 03.03.2020 10:37

Hi Stuart,

unfortunately, we don't really have any documentation on how the scaling is done. Usually, customers only look at the scaling factors provided by the sensor manufacturer, which can be entered directly in Dewesoft without having to worry about how the underlying amplifier structure looks like.

You can check the scaling effect in the data preview, where the left side of the screen will show the scaled data depending on your amplifier configuration, and the right side will contain the scaled values depending on your sensor (an additional scaling layer).

I hope the above is useful to you. If you require any further information, let us know.

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