Utilizing GPS plugin for GPS data on CAN or Ethernet

Jacob Ruemelin

Posted on 10.12.2018 16:30

Hi I am currently working on trying to pair my OXTS RT 1003 GPS with my two Dewe-43. I have GPS data currently recording on CAN and/or Ethernet. I was curious if there is any way to get the latitude and longitude to plot on the normal GPS plugin graph, or is there any other way that I could plot this within Dewesoft? I have the ability to use the NMEA output out of the OXTS but would prefer not to as I would require a usb hub and would prefer not to introduce that added delay.


Eva Kalšek
Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 19.12.2018 08:00

Dear Jacob,

When you record GPS data on CAN and you want to plot the “Longitude” and “Latitude” on the GPS plugin graph you first need to do some channel modifications.

You have to scale the CAN channels correctly.

Dewesoft uses minutes for GPS channels (Longitude and Latitude). In case the units are set to degrees, you have to additionally multiply/scale it by a factor of 60.

For heading or direction channel, the format has to be in degrees.

When you have the correct units, you need to define the correct type of the channel. The easiest way to do this is in channel list in Measure mode.

The correct channel types are:

  • GPS Y absolute (latitude) for latitude channel.
  • GPS X absolute (longitude) for longitude channel.
  • GPS direction for heading channel.

The modified channels can now be used on the GPS map.


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