Sirius problem after firmware upgrade

Savvas Tzavaras

Posted on 05.04.2017 15:04

I upgrade the firmware of a Sirius i-CD with the latest one (03_29_2017) and after the upgrade I receive a weird Device error "$10000010 - EtherCAT failed".
Can you help my to recover this sirius ??

Anže Baš
Software Test Engineer I
Posted on 05.04.2017 15:35

Hello Savvas,

can you try downgrading the firmware version to the older one ( and tell us if that helped? If this doesn't help could we do a team viewer session and look at the problem?

We updated a lot of devices to the new version and haven't seen a message like that. Do you maybe know what was the old version on the device?

With kind regards,

Anže Baš

Savvas Tzavaras

Posted on 05.04.2017 15:48

Hi Anže

I had already try to downgrade to the previous version (11_23_2016) Nothing happens the error remain there. Also I try to downgrade to a very old version using the USB firmware upgrade tool, but I get a warning of "firmware does not correspond to device" and I do not continue it.

A remote session I think it's possible.

btw thanks for the quick response

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Anže Baš
Software Test Engineer I
Posted on 06.04.2017 07:22

Hi Savvas,

the warning you got was correct, because the Sirius firmware with .16 at the end is for the basic Sirius-i device, but you have a SiriusCD, which uses firmware with .75 at the end.

I uploaded the fwu file on our web page. Can you use the USB firmware upgrade tool with that file and that still doesn't help can you send me your TeamViewer information on our support mail (

Savvas Tzavaras

Posted on 06.04.2017 08:28

Hi Anže.

I try this firmware but nothing change, the error remain there. I have sent the TeamViewer ID by e-mail.

Savvas (Sam)

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