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Kara Burgess

Posted on 02.05.2019 21:25

Hello - I was wondering if there was a way to only export a FileList page? I am using the reporting tool as a statistical summary, and I do not need all the remaining hidden sheets. This would dramatically reduce the file size for sharing as well. Also, I am finding that excel crashes or I get on overflow when using more than 10 files.

Thank you!

Eva Kalšek
Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 27.05.2019 11:52

Dear Karen,

unfortunately, you can not export only FileList page with the excel reporting tool. So basically you only need the list of the used data file? Or do you need any additional information beside the data file name? If you explain a bit more about what do you need, we could find some other solution for your problem.

We also could not reproduce the crash with more than 10 data files. Can you please let us know what kind of error do you experience when Excel crashes?


Kara Burgess

Posted on 29.05.2019 20:28

Hello - I am trying to use the tool to create a summary sheet including statistical data from numerous data files.   The error that I get is "Microsoft Excel has stopped working".   Thank you!

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 30.05.2019 10:56

Dear Kara,

unfortunately, we do not have any other plugin which would create a report from more than one files.

As I can see the File list tab give you the information about the location of the data file, the name of the data file and the storing type of the Trig-Time. Is this all you need or do you need some additional values from a channel?

Can you maybe provide the data files which caused Excel to crash, because we could not reproduce the issue on our site.


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