DO control - Dewesoft X, LabView, TwinCat

Francesco Antonio Miccoli

Posted on 21.04.2024 12:49


I am currently trying to set up a control system using an IOLITE 32xDO. I read that since it is ethercat enabled it is compatible with many softwares such as LabView and TwinCat. The issue is that I cannot seem to find any reference whatsoever regarding how to use Dewesoft products in combination with these other softwares. Also, is there a specific set of tools in Dewesoft X to make it more like a PLC controller when using DO channels?

Thanks in advance

Pika Kreča Šmid

Posted on 23.04.2024 13:19

Dear Francesco,

thank you for reaching out to us.

I believe you are looking for a Labview controller of sort, so I am going to attach our THIRD PARTY ETHERCAT MASTERS manual, so that you can get better acquainted with the process.

The ESI files are located on this link, and the Labview compatible DSRemoteConnect library is located here.

If you have any additional questions, or if you run into anything in the manual that isn't clear, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Should you need more help, I would ask if you could please give us some more information as to what exactly you would like to do.

Best regards,


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