DewesoftExcelReporting installation

Phillip Neir

Posted on 22.02.2018 12:30

Greetings. We are investigating the Dewesoft Excel Reporting tool. We are having problems with some installations. Only one of three installations is trouble free. After installation, the menu is visible and everything seems to function properly. The problem occurs when Excel is closed and re-launched after installation. The Dewesoft menu ribbon is not visible any longer. We have researched the problem of disappearing menus, but nothing we have discovered has helped.

Has this happened to anyone else? If so, did you find a solution?

Urban Baš
Software Test Engineer I
Posted on 23.02.2018 16:03


me and my co-worker installed the Dewesoft Excel Reporting tool, using the instructions in the manual and we both didn't have any trouble installing. And after closing Excel and reopening it we both still had the Dewesoft menu ribbon. We were using Excel 2016.

What Excel version did you use?

Phillip Neir

Posted on 23.02.2018 16:24

Hello Urban,

We use Office 2013. My installation launches without issue. I see the Dewesoft add-in status line on the Excel splash screen and it shows 100%. The other installations never change from 0%. I have been wondering about security. I tried to compare settings in the Excel Trust Center Settings. From what I can tell, they are both the same. Our computer images and policies are managed by IT, so I would hope that our laptops are mostly clones. I certainly have different apps installed, but the base installation should be the same. I was hoping that someone in the community might have had this problem and found a solution. The internet has not been any help so far. Does the Add-in need any library support outside of basic Excel?

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