Custom Materials and Young's Modulus

John Huxtable

Posted on 13.01.2017 09:03

I am using a DEWE43 with DEWESoft X2 SP8 (build 18) to record data from strain gauges. I note that there is an option to calculate stress directly and a selection of materials is provided - with the option to adjust Young's Modulus as appropriate.

Is it possible for a user to do the following:

  1. change the units of stress from N/mm2 to, say, MPa (OK, it's the same thing, but some of my customers prefer MPa...) or other?
  2. add to the materials list - e.g. Super Duplex Steel with a Young's Modulus of 190 GPa (perhaps there are other properties that need to be considered e.g. coefficient of thermal expansion)
DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 19.01.2017 12:23


you can add custom units in the "Physical quantities editor". It can be accessed through the settings tab. There, you're able to choose between Metric, Imperial and custom units. You can add a specific unit for a specific physical quantity, just make sure that you enter the correct scaling. You can even choose the order in which the units will be shown when using that physical quantity. The first one on the list will be the default unit for that quantity.

We've received a similar request recently to add more materials to the list. Currently your only option is to go with the the custom option. If you provide us with a list in the following form: "(Name, Young's module, Poisson ratio) --> (e.g. Aluminium, 69 * 1000, 0.334)", then I can pass it to the developers who will consider adding it. Adding new, nonexisting parameters to the material is more of a long term wish list request.

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