X3 can't register Addons

Chris Ludlow

Posted on 19.10.2017 17:07

I have installed X3 64 bit into c:\Dewesoft on 2 seperate PCs, one win 7, one is win 10, both exhibit this same behavior. I need the 64 bit Chapter 10 and PCM plugins but they seem to not register with the system.

I noticed the the X3 installer already included the Chapter 10 and PCM addons, I can see the DLLs in the c:\Dewesoft\Bin64\X3\Addons folder. But X3 never shows them as available Extensions in the "Show All" tab under settings.

I then tried to run the DCom Registration program to register your chapter 10 64 bit and PCM/Tarsus 64 bit addons. Checking the box to register "Addons" registers nothing, not even register the addons already included with X3. Checking the box to register dcom server registers the Dewesoft.exe

Any ideas how I can get the 64 bit version working? I am wanting to try the 64 bit version to see if the Recorder display has improved.

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 20.10.2017 11:30


please jut run DEWESoft once as an administrator and the plugins will be registered. Let me know if you'll be able to see/use the plugin after that.

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