X2 SP6 - Could not start acquisition

Matt Green

Posted on 05.08.2016 11:52


Issue with X2 SP6 build 39 and 41.

Hardware is 2 x Dewe43 with sync cable.

I am regularly getting 'Could not start acquisition' messages, or 'Start pulse note detected please check hardware' or 'Initiating acquisition...' and then after an extended period 'Could not start acquisition'.

This does not occur every time I use Dewesoft, maybe 9 times out of 10. Sometimes it seems that restarting the computer helps, but not all the time. Have tried different computer, same issues. I have seen a mention of SP7 - is this available?

Please advise.

Anže Baš
Software Test Engineer I
Posted on 05.08.2016 13:13

Hi Matt,

could you send us a setup file/data file so we know what kind of configuration you use (firmware version, type of sync) and try to reproduce your issue here?

Kind regards


Matt Green

Posted on 05.08.2016 13:29

I have sent details to '[email protected]'.


Matt Green

Posted on 05.08.2016 15:31

Removed sync cable - seems to solve the issues. What are the negative effects of removing the sync cable?

Matt Green

Posted on 10.08.2016 08:50

In fact removing the sync cable did not solve the problem. We have now changed the timing setup from 'Automatic' to 'Clock/trigger', and reinstalled the sync cable. So far this is working.

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