X2 SP4 issue: Could not start acquisition (absolute time does not match)

Harm -

Posted on 01.10.2015 13:44

I use a configuration with a Sirius HS and Krypton modules (and a sync box).

With X2 SP4, I get the following error when starting X2: Could not start acquisition (absolute time does not match)

After that: Start pulse is not detected. Please check the hardware.

Any clues? X2 SP3 older builds) does not have this problem.


DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 22.03.2016 15:33


Is the same wiring used for DEWESoft SP3 and SP4?
Is there a sync cable between sync junction ans Sirius-HS?

Would it be possible to get the screenshot of the settings screen (like attached)?

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Harm -

Posted on 19.07.2016 19:04


The system has been working reasonably reliable for several months.

Some weeks ago, the problem reoccurred. I have installed X2 SP6. This did not help.
A cold reboot (power completely off) was the only solution that enabled the system to be up again.
A warm reboot did not help.

A few days later, the same problem again. As I had no direct access tot thye system, I used Teamviewer to make a firmware update.
The enabled the system to be back and running.... for about 4 days.
Then again, the same problem.

So I am still in a struggle to find what the real problem is and how it can be fixed.

Attached is the settings screen as requested.
Looking forward for new input on this problem, thanks!

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DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 01.08.2016 13:15


usually the Could not start acquisition (absolute time does not match) warning appears if the absolute time of USB and EtherCAT devices doesn't match.
Usually this issue appears, because the sync cable between Sirius and Sync junction is missing.

Since you are using DEWESoft USB and EtherCAT devices together, we would recommend you to use the latest SP7 and upgrade all devices to the latest firmware with the tool inside DEWESoft.
Here is also the manual: How to: FW upgrade from DEWESoft

Harm -

Posted on 01.08.2016 15:43


Thanks for your help! I followed your advice and updated to SP7. I will let you know if reliablility is better now (this will take some days).

To share some experiences on the process of updating to SP7 and updating the firmware:

  • First, I installed SP7 (copied the files).
  • Then I upgraded the firmware. Nice new function in SP7.
    This went OK, but after the update (at the end of the update process), Dewesoft kept "initializing" for ever. After waiting for an hour I stopped Dewesoft and rebooted.
    A check on the firmware status showed that the firmware update was succesfull after all.
  • SP7 did give me some other problems. I received errors and the setup files were not visible.
    Therefore, I decided to first do a clean install of SP6 first. After that, I copied the SP7 files again.
  • Still, SP7 gives me setup errors; see the attached display. I think this warning is a bug? The system seems to work OK.
  • When I close Dewesoft, Dewesoft crashes. See the attached screen displays.

Perhaps the errors I mentioned are something you may want to investigate.

Best regards,


Anže Baš
Software Test Engineer I
Posted on 04.08.2016 14:52


the error and warning messages only indicate that the connected hardware doesn't match the one in the setup. The setup will still work normally.

About the crash on close, I haven't seen this before, so I would like to ask if you send an e-mail on support and we do a TeamViewer session.

Best regards,


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