X-Y Recorder load uncompleted ?.

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Alex Sunny

Posted on 06.05.2021 13:49


I going to show How X-Y recorder could work. By using the exiting example file "Example_drive01.d7d", i put the counter CNT0 (m) as X axis, and other velocity as Y-axis (wheelSpeed FR,FL,RR,RL). But only apart of their curves appear on the X-Y recorder display. Last Time I use DWSoft 702 it doesn't show this problem. but, after I install the new released DWsoft703 (previously uninstalling the 702) it happen. Is there any problem with my PC. I also pleased if there any dewesoft support team need to remote my PC to solve this problem. send me an email for appointment. because I need it urgent.



Matjaž Strniša
Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 10.05.2021 10:04


Please send us a TeamViewer ID and password on support@dewesoft.com and we will look into it.
And please use "X-Y Recorder load uncompleted" as a subject.

Best regards,

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