X-Y Recorder load uncompleted.

Haitham Luthfi

Posted on 06.03.2011 10:16
I going to show How X-Y recorder could work. By using the exiting example file "Example_drive01.d7d", i put the counter CNT0 (m) as X axis, and other velocity as Y-axis (wheelSpeed FR,FL,RR,RL). But only apart of their curves appear on the X-Y recorder display. Last Time I use DWSoft 702 it doesn't show this problem. but, after I install the new released DWsoft703 (previously uninstalling the 702) it happen. Is there any problem with my PC. I also pleased if there any dewesoft support team need to remote my PC to solve this problem. send me an email for appointment. because I need it urgent.
DEWESoft Administrator
Latin America Regional Manager
Posted on 07.03.2011 07:20
We can reproduce the issue and will do everything to solve it as soon as possible. If you can, please use 702 for this feature to work.
Dejan Cencelj

Posted on 08.03.2011 07:26
Hello, We fixed the problem. We will make a new version shorly (probably today) and will let you know when avaiable! Best R Dejan
DEWESoft Administrator
Latin America Regional Manager
Posted on 08.03.2011 10:55
The 7.0.4b9 which solves the issue is available for download.
Haitham Luthfi

Posted on 09.03.2011 22:48
Thank you, Let me check it.
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