Viewing GPS tracks on a map background

nick arran
Posted on 08.06.2009 04:35
I have a nmea GPS receiver for use with our Dewe-5000s. It works fine. Dewesoft can read the location and display speed, position etc and will show a track on a blank background. BUT I just cannot make it show the track on a calibrated map. Using the GPS display in "view" mode, the track and the direction show by default on a black background. Switching to "calibrate" mode I'm asked to "load map to calibrate!". I can upload a *.bmp map and enter calibration data (track or lat / long datum points) and save the calibration file. However when I switch back to "view" mode, the map is not visible, only the track. It's the same in Measure and Analysse modes of dewesoft. No map. How can I make the map show behind my track - better still how can I associate different maps at different zoom levels with the same track. The manual says it's possible but doesn't say how. Am I being really stupid here? I usually find dewesoft really easy to configure, but this GPS issue I just can't resolve.
nick arran
Posted on 08.06.2009 05:11
PS: I'm using Dewesoft 6.6. In case my setup was at fault I downloaded the "helicopter" demo. When playing that file back the aerial photo (map) also doesn't show behind the GPS track.
Jure Knez
Posted on 11.06.2009 13:05
To put the map behind the helicopter demo you have to manually add the map folder where Dewesoft searches for the maps. You can do this in System - Hardware setup - GPS with the "Add" button. You have to point to the folder where you put the helicopter demo. For your file, please check the following: 1) if the folder where you have the maps is in the GPS maps list; 2) if there is a text file in the folder with the same name as your map holding calibration info; 3) that the calibration points comply to the approximate location of your data; If everything is ok, the map should be shown. Since it is working with all the files we have, there must be something wrong with calibration. If you can't figure it out, send us the file and we will figure out what's wrong.
Graeme Smith

Posted on 24.03.2010 03:01
I had similar trouble, but have got it working now. I use .JPG files instead of .BMP and have learnt to keep the file size down. I had a large file and thought that it wasn't going to work but it just took a long time to load. Have had varying degrees of success using the defined points method of calibration, more success with "track" method of calibration. Cheers, Smithy
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