Using stop trigger to stop measurement by sequencer?

Yunus Kelgökmen

Posted on 22.03.2016 12:40

I want to use trigger point in sequencer to stop the measurement. I am using dewesoft-43A, Dewesoft X2-SP5, and thermocuple(k-type). I have creaated my sequencer steps and tried to make my design stop measurement when the thermocouple shows the 35 C(average), I put 'wait' function with stop trigger which is 35C and I adjusted stop trigger as 35C from chanel setup tab at storing function.Nevertheless, whenever I start my sequencer, even the temperature shows 35 or more the measurement is not closed.Could you help me what is my fault, or show me the steps of this kind of sequencer build.

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 23.03.2016 08:11

Dear Yunus,

I've created a simple setup and sequence file, to show you how the process is done. First the sequence loads the setup and starts the measurement. It then waits for the average value to hit the desired target, by having an infinite timeout. In my case, I've set up a low frequency sine wave, so you can see that the function is working correctly. The digital meter displays the average value (calculated using the basic statistics formula) and when it reaches 9, the measurement will stop.

If you're only interested in starting/stopping the storing, you can do that without the sequencer. I've attached a similar setup ("Stop storing test") that is set to start storing at the beginning of the measurement (the condition is that the relative time equals 0), and stops storing after it hits the first stop storing trigger.

I hope this has solved your problem, but if you're still having trouble setting up your measurement, you can always send us your files and we'll be happy to help you out.

Best regards,

Matic Lebar

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