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Kevin Read

Posted on 31.10.2017 21:21

Ok, New question/problem,

I have been running a sequence i created to test leaf springs using the analog out functions of my sirius slice. Currently im using external counters to keep track of my cycle counts. I have two counters ones being physically triggered by the spring itself when it contacts my limit switch, the second is being controlled by a relay that is being cycled thru my sequencer.

My manager has asked me to see if i can remove the external counters and have the dewesoft count the cycles itself. I have been reading up on counters and FFT for the system but im not 100% sure if those would be the right choice for what I would like to do.

My other task is to have the system display the frequency of the leaf spring as its flexed up and down. On avg we do about 25 cycles per min

any help would be great thank you

Nick Rawson

Posted on 01.11.2017 19:56

Related to this question:

How could the counter value be set up to persist through dewesoft being closed / computer restarted etc?

E.g. if the leaf spring has done 2500 cycles, can I set up dewesoft X2 so that it loads 2500 when it starts and continues to increment the counter as the test continues.

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 08.11.2017 09:15


if you're able to bring in an analog or digital signal to DEWESoft (either through an AI or counter input), then you should for sure be able to count up the cycles in DEWESoft and calculate the frequency. Could you maybe give us some details on the sensors that you're using? If you're able to connect the inputs, then you can also send us a data file with an example of how the signals look like, and we'll try to adjust the math accordingly.

As for the second question, there are only three types of channels that can remember their last values in between launching DEWESoft: global variables, sequencer variables and user input channels. Unfortunately, you can't assign a value to a different channel through a formula. A formula can only calculate a value for itself. Therefore, you'd need to use the sequencer in order to keep a global counter. I've attached an example which will increment the counter each second. If you run it through the sequence, it will assign the total count value to the offset channel, so that it can be used in the next run of the setup. The only issue here is that the last value (sample) of the total count will be incorrect, as it's already added the offset for the next iteration. I hope that makes sense.

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Kevin Read

Posted on 09.01.2018 21:39

hello, Sorry for the late response i have been distracted at work with other projects.

In my test of my leaf spring i have two inputs coming back to the dewesoft. I have my load cell which is giving me the force applied to the leaf spring and a string-pot for displacement.

I have my relays respond to the load cell when it comes time to change the stroke from up to down and vice versa I have attached a copy of my set up and sequence.

Again what my boss would like me to accomplish is to have the system display the cycle count of the test and if possible the cycle rate *frequency per hour* or per minute if hour is not possible.

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