Using counters to decode postion from a Heidenhain Encoder

John Snyder
Posted on 01.05.2009 11:59
Has anyone used Dewesoft to record position from a quadrature encoder, such as a Heidenhain? I know there is counter support in Dewesoft, but I don't see any easy (i.e. built-in) way to convert from counts to position. Any help would be greatly appreciated. John
Jure Knez
Posted on 04.05.2009 00:29
Sure, this is directly supported within Dewesoft. If you have Orion or Dewe43 hardware, then you can simply select an encoder, define number of pulses and see the revolution nicely interpolated. It is also important which version of software you are using. We have done a big improvement in the counter/encoder section in version 6.6, so it would make sense to upgrade if you have previous version. Then you can check tutorials which comes with new software and look into encoder section to have an idea how to setup the measurement.
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