useing 30-2 pickup for order tracking

Posted on 18.03.2008 00:49
Hi, I am not sure whether it is a bug or not. I setup up a 30-2 tooth pick up as rpm input and save it. But this new configaration could not be found in drop list.
Jure Knez
Posted on 08.04.2008 02:34
Hello, Xueming, First of all, sorry for late reply. The email notification failed for your post. Now it is fixed, so in future the replies will be faster. The reasons why 30-2 sensor does not appear could be different. At some places in the software it is not allowed to have geartooth with missing teeth or geartooth with double teeth. In fact you didn't wrote where it does not appear. Please describe where in the software this was seen (counters, combustion, order tracking, torsional vibration), or even better, send a setup file and CNTsensors.xml where this is shown. Please also note the software version you are using.
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