Upgrading Dewesoft 7.1 to 7.1.1 Killed the Chapter10 Plugin

Luis Guzman

Posted on 29.08.2014 01:56


So my understanding for the process to upgrade Dewesoft is to place the Dewesoft executable, DEWESoft711.exe in this case, in the same folder as the executable of my current version, DEWESoft.exe.

And this was done. But now the Ch10 plug-in does not seem to work anymore-- the GUI is mostly empty and does not include options for loading Chapte10 files anymore.

I've confirmed that the License Key still says PROF.

Removing the upgraded version from the folder that contains the original executable does not seem to help. The Chapter10 plugin is still inactive.

Any ideas?

Luis Guzman

Posted on 29.08.2014 03:29

Nevermind....user error !

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