Updating Dewesoft

Jim Laudie

Posted on 27.08.2020 19:30

Trying to update from X3 SP7 to SP12. Click on the Options->Check for Updates from within Dewesoft. It identifies SP12 as my needed update and I click to install. This is while Dewesoft (my current SP7) is running. File downloads successfully and then the installer starts but then quits pretty quickly with an Error: -2 The system cannot find the file specified. Installer then prompts me to click Finish and exits without updating the software. Any idea why I'd be running into this or what I can do? I'm running Windows 7 64bit on this test laptop.

Eva Kalšek
Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 28.08.2020 10:20

Dear Jim,

due to a lot of changes between those two versions the automatic update through the software is not possible.

You will need to use the Offline installer from the web page, if you want to update the software to SP12 version. Or you can uninstall current version and make a clean install in this case you can also use the Online installer from the web page.


Eva Kalšek

frazier cai

Posted on 06.06.2021 15:27

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