Turn ON/OFF transmit messages/signals

Robert Valk

Posted on 25.10.2016 06:57


Is it possible to add a button/control to the measurement screen to turn on/off a transmit message and or signal?

I know I can control these messages as to what they send, but when I am monitoring the canbus I want to turn off all the transmit messages otherwise I am disturbing the canbus. right now im turning off all the transmit messages by hand in the channel setup, so I was wondering can this be made easier?

thank you in advance,

Robert Valk

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 25.10.2016 09:19


this can be done with the use of trigger for transmit. For every trigger, a message is transmitted. We have used a sine wave for triggering. Unfortunately, when the trigger is used for transmitting, the maximum update rate is the same as acquisition update rate (settings->performance) but it is limited to 150Hz.

In the attachment is also a short setup file as example.

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