Trim measurement file in X3

Filip Söderberg

Posted on 25.01.2019 15:07


I've been trying to find a way to cut a measurement file (.dxd). For example, in a three minute recording, I want to remove the first and last minute and only keep the middle minute.

Is it possible, and how do I do?


DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 25.01.2019 16:08


it is possible to crop the file by using the export to Dewesoft option.

On the recorder zoom in the area which is exported, go to export (Dewesoft tab) and select all chanels.

Dewesoft will export all the channels and only the zoomed in data to a new data file.

Filip Söderberg

Posted on 28.01.2019 10:21

Works like a charm! Thanks!

Stefan Jaik

Posted on 29.01.2019 15:22

Hi, i have a file with spikes on a icp vibration sensor on 3 positions in the measurement and i want to calculate the overall rms value only with the valid data.

How can this be done?

Do I have to export 4 Files (start to before spike1, between spike1 and 2, between spike2 and 3 and after spike3 to end and load the 4 files in Dewesoft? Is there a way to mark regions of a measurement as "invalalid" so they do not appear in the overall rms calculation?

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