Triggered data recording

A Sam

Posted on 28.07.2016 19:13

Hi there,

We are doing a survey of our train track using a Dewe 43a, which includes a few stations in the middle. I have a counter input which counts the pulses from a train speed sensor in order to calculate the distance traveled. I also have proximity sensors for sensing the station platforms when passing a station. Is there a way for me to modify (or generate new) the counter or distance signal so it resets automatically every time I pass a platform ?

I have tried triggered block under basic statistics, but that just gives an RMS number, but I want the distance curve which goes back to zero every time it passes a platform.


Anže Baš
Software Test Engineer I
Posted on 29.07.2016 05:51

Hi Sam,

I attached a setup, that sets a channel to zero, if a change is detected on another channel (using Derivative). You can test the setup by changing the "Trigger" channel form keypressed(32) to your proximity or some other channel and by chaning the "time1" channel from AO1 to the channel you want to reset.

Right now this setup will just reset the time channel when you press space.

I hope this setup can help you.


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