Triggered Averaged FFT

Jim Coughlin

Posted on 28.07.2015 19:28

Is there a way to create an Averaged FFT that starts/ends on a triggered value from another signal? It seems that the Averaged FFT plots start as soon as the "ARM" button is pressed on the "Measure" tab. However, I would only like to take Averaged FFT data during the same trigger points that I am taking the rest of my data.

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 29.07.2015 14:11


yes, it is possible to do this. Here is how to do it:

  1. go to math and add "Fourier transform".
  2. Use the settings which are required for your measurement, but set the calculation type to “Block history.
  3. Add basic statistics and select the FFT channel created earlier as input. Make sure that Average is checked on the output channels.

To use trigger, "Triggered blocks" or Start-Stop blocks can be used.

Attached is also a setup file as an example

Attached files:
Jim Coughlin

Posted on 30.07.2015 12:00

Thanks a lot, this was very helpful!

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