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Kevin Read

Posted on 23.10.2017 18:18


Im currently working on a trigger process . Were going to be measuring acceleration using the system. What i have managed to figure out is the Pre time and post time as well as the trigger conditions..


IF accelometer A < 5 G Then i want it to record for 2 seconds pre and post trigger. (I have figured this out)

But what we also want is for the system to record every 30 mins for approx 1 min .

This is where im having some issues, If i set the system to record every 30 Mins for 1 min it over-writes the post trigger setting of 2 seconds.

If i take this post time trigger out and put the stop condition of the 2seconds into the stop storing conditions it still sets the record to 1 minute...

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 24.10.2017 11:37


the post time will make DEWESoft keep storing for an additional time after the stop trigger is detected. If no stop trigger is defined, then the post time will be executed immediately after the start storing trigger. Does that make sense?

DEWESoft's triggers work on an OR basis, so it's enough for one condition to return TRUE to activate a trigger. The method that you're suggesting is not possible with the current storing options. To implement your request we would need to be able to define the stop storing triggers in reference to the start storing triggers.

For example, if you now define two stop storing triggers, where one is 2 seconds after start storing trigger and the other is every 31 minutes (meaning wait one minute after every 30 minutes), the 2 seconds trigger would always be detected first so the data will never be stored for one minute. If we could say that the 2 seconds condition should be used only if the start storing condition was the values based option, then we could use this logic.

While this is not possible to do in the storing option, I have managed to configure your desired triggering logic via custom formulas. There are quite a few of them and the overall process is quite complicated, but I believe it will get the job done.

To avoid over explaining everything, I've define two conditions, where one is time based ant the other is value based. There are three variable on the top which you can freely change without affecting the setup. If you'd like to change the value condition's triggering value, then you can do that inside the "Time shift" formula. At the moment it's set to 5 like in your description.

At the end I use both conditions in an OR statement to make a combination of time/value triggered storing. I've tested it with seconds instead of minutes and it worked as expected. Please let me know if this is what you were looking for.

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Kevin Read

Posted on 24.10.2017 15:40

Thank you for your response.

Another option i was looking for was to create a counter logic chain in the sequencer.

. It will scan the channels for the peaks were looking for and then record when it sees them but also giving an internal counter a +1 till it equals approx 30mins of time then have it record for 1 min and then Reset the counter to 0 when the record is finished. Is there a way to set up an internal counter to do this ???????

Kevin Read

Posted on 24.10.2017 21:03

I was able to figure it out using the TimeDecode addon. I based my recording times off of that using the sequencer. But my next question is How do i set the pre-trigger record time from the sequencer? Because if i set the pre-trigger in the storing options in my setup file it wont record the data when i load my sequencer file.

Id like it to pre-trigger 2seconds before

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 25.10.2017 13:07


the sequencer isn't able to define a pre time, you can only do that in a setup file. When you cal start storing through a sequencer (while using the fast on trigger option) it will only put DEWESoft into an armed state, ready to receive a trigger. If you've found storing your solution using a sequencer, you can now use a variable to trigger DEWESoft.

Simply add user input in the setup file and define a variable and assign a trigger condition to it. Then you can set that variable to your trigger value when you'd like to initiate storing.

I've attached two pictures to help you out.

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