Time Reference Curve (get final value and restart from beginning)

Giuseppe Mat

Posted on 09.03.2018 12:20


two issues about Time Reference Curve (please, refer to attached image):

- I pasted the Time Based curve from Excel. I need to obtain the last time value inserted in the Time [s] column (it is 14 in the example) for using it in a formula. (I need this value to create a logic to switch the signal that I send from the "Time Reference Curve" to a Manual Input)

- I set a "Start Condition Channel". When the "Start Condition Channel" is above a certain settable value, the "Time Reference Curve" starts. If I set the "Start Condition Channel" below the settable value and than again above it, the Time Reference Curve gives and holds the last value and does not restart the signal from first time step as I expected. Is there a way to reset and restart the Time Reference Curve?

I hope you have understood my questions.
Thank you and regards,


DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 09.03.2018 15:38


unfortunately, this is not yet supported in DEWESoft, but it is on the wish list: SWDSA-874 repeated time reference curve option

If this feature will be implemented we will notify you in this ticket.

Giuseppe Mat

Posted on 09.03.2018 16:16

thank you for the prompt reply.

Best regards,

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