TEDS Template 7

Phillip Neir

Posted on 15.11.2017 14:24


We have sensors that we want to partially set up with TEDS. Because the sensitivity and offset change significantly over time, we elect to calibrate prior to each use. We would like to supply sensor information and configure the hardware using TEDS, but allow the user to set the scaling with two points. In Template 7 there are two fields, 'User Sensor Offset Changeable' and 'User Sensor Scale Changeable', that should allow this capability when set to Yes. However, when plugged into Dewesoft hardware, the offset is changeable, but the scaling is not. All scaling fields in the setup dialog are grayed out. Is this expected behavior?

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 17.11.2017 14:49


a similar topic was brought up in this week and DEWESoft doesn't allow you to define a scale if you're using a sensor, whether that be a TEDS sensor or simply a DEWESoft sensor. The strange thing is that this was possible in DEWESoft V7. I've already brought up this issue to a developer and he couldn't really give me an explanation for the change after a quick glance through the code history.

He'll have to do a thorough investigation to see if this was removed for a reason or if it simply became unusable as a result of a bug that nobody has notice up to this point.

For now, you can't really use a custom scale if you have a sensor, but we'll investigate this further and let you know whether we'll be adding back this functionality or not.

Phillip Neir

Posted on 17.11.2017 15:20


In this case, the sensor can't be setup with pre-defined offset and sensitivity so the capability to calibrate before use is necessary. It would be quite useful to combine TEDS with the ability to alter sensitivity and offset. Most of the fields present in template 7 allow you to identify the sensor. Coupled with template 6, the Dewesoft hardware can be configured for the device. This would be a time saver and would still allow documentation of the sensor that would be included with the data. I would like to have this capability.

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