Switching from "Scaled" to "Raw" in the Analog Setup screen resets calibration values without warning!

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  • Switching from "Scaled" to "Raw" in the Analog Setup screen resets calibration values without warning!
Lemmy Atom

Posted on 26.01.2022 00:24


Apparently, from the Analog setup screen, if you toggle from “Scaled” to “Raw” and back again, all your calibration information for that channel gets reset without warning or any indication that you’re about to lose valid cal values.

This is a HUGE upset. I just lost a day's worth of data collection because I needed to check the raw values of several scaled channels for signal integrity. Not knowing I would loose my calibration values I switched to Raw, then back to Scaled. Thinking nothing of it I ran several events totaling a full day's effort only to find out my calibration entries for each channel toggled had been reset.

From a developer's standpoint, if keeping the scaling values is not possible when toggling back and forth from Raw to Scaling, then PLEASE add a dialogue box warning the user they are about to loose their cal values.

Attached is a video, not of my test setup but simulation mode enabled.

Thank you

Primoz Lapi
Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 10.02.2022 10:32

We are proposing to disable "raw/scaled" button if there is no sensor. Is this a valid solution for you?

With no sensor… also scaling can not work then in the math → it has nowhere to scale from. Raw scaling was only meant when you have sensor. 

This "raw/scaled" button was created for the purpose of recording signals from sensors with non-linear scaling, because the signal with non-linear scaling can not be converted back to the raw signal using math. 

You can check the signal integrity in the Channel setup screen with Scope and Scaling views.

Scope view:

Scaling view:

The display options also has a setting for Block time and Average, AC RMS and Min/Max:

Lemmy Atom

Posted on 10.02.2022 18:17

@Primoz Lapi

Hello Primoz. Thank you for the comments.

I've left a reply over in the private discussions.

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