Switching Dewe 43 Unit on Setup File

Chris Lees

Posted on 17.02.2017 08:48

Hi, I've recently startred using a different Dewe 43 unit to what I had been using previously and now wvery time I load the setup file(s) I had been using I get a warning message that the Dewe 43 serial number doesn't match...which it won't as it is a different device.

I'd like to know how to update my current setup files to work with the different Dewe 43 that I'm using now? I can still run the setup file as normal but I get a warning message every time I open it. Thanks in advance.

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 17.02.2017 12:55


you don't really need to do anything except save the setup with the new hardware unit. The warnings keep happening because you're loading up the setup with the old hardware configuration, but don't really tell DEWESoft (by saving the file) that the setup should now include the new DEWE 43, so it keeps finding mismatches every time that you load it up. Even if you don't actually change anything, saving the setup file will clear the warnings for good.

The warnings are useful if you're switching between different hardware configuration and would like to use preexisting setups. We have an option called "Channel remapping", which allows you to link up channels from setup files to the correct hardware amplifiers in the new configurations.

If you don't care about the warnings at all, you can simply turn them off in the settings (see attached picture).

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Chris Lees

Posted on 20.02.2017 07:46

Okay that's great, thanks

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