Start storing and sweep output by external trigger

Patrick Cordes

Posted on 18.11.2019 09:37

Hi all,

I'm starting the data storage by using a voltage at an analog input as an external trigger. I now want to start the output that i generate by the function generator (frequency sweep) to start at the same trigger. I couldn't find a way to set this up. Is this possible?

Even on the on start acq. setting the output starts when the measure view is chosen and dosn't restart with the trigger. For a continous signal this is not a problem but it would be great to be able to start the sweep with the input trigger.

Any help with this is highly appreciated.

Kind regards,


Matic Pevec
Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 03.12.2019 13:03

Dear Patrick,

I apologize for late reply. Unfortunately Function generator can start output only on start acquisition or manual with click in Measure mode. Luckily sequencer can enables Manual function via DCOM.

We have usable tutorial regarding sequencer available on our website. Here is the link: https://training.dewesoft.com/online/course/sequencer

Anyway, I made a simple sequence for you, that could be suitable for you application. Please find setup file and sequence file in attachment. Triggering is on condition of AI signal which turn on storing and AO sweep function generator.

Best regards,

Matic Pevec

Attached files:
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