Sound Card Plugin for x2

nick arran

Posted on 21.04.2015 15:41

After a great week at MC2015 (for which many thanks to Helena and all @ dewesoft) ... I decided to have a play with the dewesoft PRO sessions ... which suggest you select the audio card as an input device.

I have a PC with a standalone licence and plugged a dewe-43 into it too.  I uploaded the SB.daq plugin and put it in the \bin\x2\addons folder.  When I do this with X1 the audio card becomes available in hardware setup \ analog as an analogue device.  In X2 I can't get it to work.

Do we need a different plugin for X2?  Or did I do something wrong?


DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 22.04.2015 08:12


  1. make sure operation mode is in "Simulation"
  2. click on simulated devices
  3. change simulated channels mode to "sound card"

nick arran

Posted on 22.04.2015 08:22

Yes, that works!  :¬)

Maria Concetta Fino

Posted on 30.09.2015 14:53


how can I open the file SB.daq ?

If I open this file with matlab, the Sound Card not appears on my list.

Gabriele Ribichini - DATEM
Managing Director
Posted on 05.03.2016 23:44

Ciao Maria,
unfortunately I see this request only now.

You don't have to open that file but you need to copy it into the Addon folder of Dewesoft (bin\X2\Addon).
After that you need to go in Settings->Extensions and registers the new plugins with the two rotating arrows.

After restarting dewesoft you can use the sound card as explained above.

let me know.

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