Single Value Block

laurent thomas

Posted on 23.02.2017 07:51

Can anyone explain what is that single value block wheb defining basic statistic setup/ calculation type, is the a mean of the value on the whole recording time, the last sampled value recorded ?


DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 23.02.2017 09:42


single value channels will only have one value for the entire data file. Therefore, if you choose to display them on a recorder, they will only show a straight line with no visible samples.

If you select the single value option in basic statistics, it will produce a channel like that. This means that it will keep constantly calculating new values, but won't actually store that data until the end. What the calculation will do depends on the type that you choose. If you select Average, then it will calculate the mean for the entire recording session. If you select maximum, then it will keep track of the highest value through the whole file and return you that number in the end as one sample.

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