simulating dewesoft hardware

Rick Emerling

Posted on 26.08.2016 21:49

I've been developing screens and sequences for some automated testing. Another engineer needs to use the dewesoft iSirius box that I have on my desk. In order to see if the "simulation" mode would keep me in business while I don't have the real hardware, I created a new project and changed the settings in that project to "simulation" instead of "hardware". Then I loaded my dsx file. The analog inputs are being simulated, but any of the math channels that rely on CAN data are not being simulated. I assume the CAN data is not being simulated, and that's why many of the math channels are in red - true?


DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 29.08.2016 07:43


yes, that's true to an extent. The math channels are red because they are referring to non existing channels, which means that your CAN channels are not only not being simulated, they aren't even defined. When adjusting the simulated devices in DEWESoft's settings, you can press the plus button and add the "Test CAN" option.

You will have to load the setup again and this time all of the CAN channels will be defined, but as you said, no data will be simulated. All of the math channels should now turn back to normal. If some of them are still red, you might still be missing a few channels from the original setup. To see these channels, you can open the "Setup messages" window, which will show you the discrepancies between your current and original setup.

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