Serial RS-232 Communication with Minitaur

A Sam

Posted on 02.02.2018 18:33

Hi There,

We were trying to capture some information with our Minitaur from one of our train sub system, but the connection interface for this system only exists as a RS232 protocol.

Can the GPS Dsub9 port be used as a normal serial port to capture this data ?

We tried using a serial to USB conversion adapter to connect to the Minitaur, but under the Serial Com Tab it says "no serial devices defined in Hardware setup" and I don't have any serial devices shown under the hardware tab.

Any help would be appreciated.


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A Sam

Posted on 09.02.2018 19:05

Do you guys sell an hardware add on module which can interface using Serial RS232 (Dsub 9). I have already downloaded and enabled the software plug in, but not sure how the connect the hardware to the Dewe system.


A Sam

Posted on 14.02.2018 16:06

Actually, I was able to figure it out myself. I was able to connect the hardware using a serial to USB converter and loading the correct driver files into the Minitaur.

The rest of it, I figured out using the Dewe Serial plug in manual, which is pretty detailed.


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