Sequencer with test cases

James Martin

Posted on 18.05.2017 16:33

I'm trying to create a custom test sequence. I first need to prompt the user for some information that will be used for setup and conduct pass/fail calculations for each test. Is there any way to have the form issued from the main sequencer, but then have it run the test cases after that? When I try, it shows the form, but then as soon as I press okay, the sequencer closes and does not run the test cases. Also, is there a way to export the test case results automatically from the sequencer to excel like you can from the edit window? Is there a how to manual anywhere for the test case part of the sequencer specifically?


Anže Baš
Software Test Engineer I
Posted on 19.05.2017 06:34

Hi James,

unfortunately the sequencer doesn't start running the test cases after the main sequence finishes. The best way to solve this problem is to copy your main sequence with ctrl+click into the first test case. When creating a series of test cases I always use the first test case to initiate all the variables, project file,... . I think you could solve this problem in the same way. Attached you will find a simple example.

About the second issue, the sequencer doesn't have a block to export its results to excel. However there is a workaround, but the file will be an .xml and not an excel file. The workaround would be to open the DS testing tool (in the setup files tab press ctrl+shift+S -> it takes some seconds to launch), with which you can select a folder with all your sequences (Settings button) and you are then able to run them all at once. The results of all those sequences and test cases can be then found in the root folder in a file called "DSMainUnitTesting.xml". The attached picture shows how this tool looks like.

There isn't a manual for the test case part of the sequencer, as it works mostly the same as a normal sequence. The only difference is that you have an assert block and can run multiple sequences.

I hope this post will clear up some of your problems and if you have any more questions I will gladly assist you.

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