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Michal Nawrocki

Posted on 19.03.2019 13:49


Configuration with DSI-V-200 and MSI-5A.

SW: X3 SP6 (same situation under X2 SP10)

Sirius: 8xSTG+, 8xAO

Under "Ch.setup->Analog In"... works.

During manual measure and start record.... works.


when I'm loading same setup file (.dxs) but by the sequencer block "Load setup" the MSI-5A is to "switch off" state (led off), no measured values.

going back 'manual mode' to "Ch.setup->Analog In" activate the MSI-5A again.

DSI-V-200 works whole time.

How can I activate MSI-5V with sequencer?

What I'm doing wrong?




Michal Nawrocki

Posted on 29.03.2019 14:11

@Michal Nawrocki

Hi, I added some pictures of several screen shots to better understanding the problem. I hope it helps.

After run the sequence the MSI-5A stays in "off state" till backing to the "ANALOG IN". If I will not back to "ANALOG IN" it will not again work even by "manual" start of measure under "MEASURE" what normally worked few seconds ago (before start the sequence which powered down the MSI). 



Attached files:
DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 01.04.2019 11:55

Dear Michal,

can you add the "SetupScreen" and the Delay block after Loading setup file, and please let us know if this resolves your problem.


Michal Nawrocki

Posted on 01.04.2019 12:21



Working :)

problem solved

thanks a lot

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