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Jacob Fern

Posted on 05.08.2022 13:32

Is there a way to keep the portion of the toolbar active that holds the various built displays available while in sequencer, while removing the upper portion?

Ideally, I would like to keep just the portion in red, but If I need to keep the entire toolbar that is in blue that is acceptable as well.

Damien Lajarrige

Posted on 08.08.2022 15:34

Hello dear Jacob,

The sequencer can execute some DewesoftX actions. In the Sequencer settings there is an option to show or hide the toolbar.

These sequencer settings can also hide the main toolbar, the control toolbar, the sequence actions buttons...

With the Input control we can select a screen display by clicking on it. In default setup the user input is at the top of the main screen where you can see the location and the name of the data file, the sampling rate and you can use it for several Dewesoft actions.

Add Input control widget, select Dewesoft action and Screen select. On button text, write the name of the display. It’s possible to load an image, this one will be instead of the text. Please notice that the widgets are independent and changing a setting on one widget needs to be applied to other widgets. So I would suggest that one widget is created and copied to the rest of the displays.

You can find the setup file and a simple sequencer in attachment.

Kind regards,


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