Sequencer - Calculation - Decimal Point/Comma-Converison

Henrik Herr

Posted on 22.11.2017 09:52


is there a way to convert decimal-points to comma and vice versa from Calculations-blocks in the Sequencer environment ... or a workaround without truncating the values?

I'm trying to calculate a value/variable and afterwards send it to a device via RC-Block. The Calc-Block returns a comma seperated value and the device only reads point-seperated values.

Thanks in advance and kind regards

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 23.11.2017 14:08


unfortunately there's no way to change the comma to the decimal point and vice versa through the calculation block. What you could however do is use a workaround. DEWESoft doesn't actually have fixed settings for using the comma or the decimal point, but rather uses the Windows's settings.

This means that you could manually change the "decimal symbol" in Windows in order to get the calculation block to produce values with a decimal point, which you could then transmit to your device.

I've tested this on my PC and was able to get the expected results. Please let me know if this is a valid option for your application.

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