Sequencer Calculation

Yunus Kelgökmen

Posted on 05.04.2016 12:56

I want to ask you another question about sequencer. I made an sequencer for my setup (attached), it starts to measure for 5 seconds and stop şn the same sequencer(connected), and it makes it 3 times.In this setup I do some calculations while measurement. This is the point could you help me how I am going to sum or minus or divide etc. each of the measurement calculations by formula independent form each other.I mean I want to sum step1( first measurement data for 5 seconds) with step 3, or (step3+step1-step2). I wish, I could have told my problem clearly for you and I am looking forward to your responses about this topic.

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DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 06.04.2016 08:05


I've put together a sequence that stores the RMS values from basic statistics to the sequencer variables for each cycle. At the end, a formula uses all of these values to produce a single result. Please tell me if that solves your problem. If not, it would be helpful to learn more about what you're trying to accomplish. A setup file would be especially useful to see what kind of formulas you're trying to use.

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