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Dan Pilbauer

Posted on 07.02.2024 16:46


Is there a way to implement automatic printing of a report display in sequencer? What I mean by automatic way, is that the display is printed by giving it a filename, and without showing print dialogue?

Thank you.

Matic Pevec
Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 09.02.2024 13:25

Dear Dan,

For automatic printing I can suggest 7-PDF program which enables you do disable pop-up dialogs -->

Then using the following sequence will print the report to the PDF file and use the filename as DXD file.

I hope this helps.

Dan Pilbauer

Posted on 12.02.2024 11:50


thank you for providing great step-by-step information on how to implemented automated printing. I tested it on my PC and it works very well.

It helped me implement automatic PDF generation from the sequencer.

Two additional steps are needed to be added in order to make it work as I intended:

  1. in Windows settings the 7PDF printer needs to be set as the default printer
  2. I couldn't figure out how to pass a filename from Dewesoft to 7PDF to make the PDF name different. Instead I'm printing the PDF with the same name and changing the name in the sequencer with File manager block -> operation type Rename file.

Besides that, all works fine now.

Thanks again for your help.

Matic Pevec
Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 12.02.2024 12:57

Dear Dan,

Correct, I forgot to mention that the 7-PDF should be set as default in Windows settings.

Regarding the naming I use the DXD naming for PDF as well. Please find attached the video on how this can be done.

Attached files:
Dan Pilbauer

Posted on 12.02.2024 15:11

I see. I was making a mistake by putting a fixed name to 7-PDF filename. It didn't take it from dewesoft then.

Going back to default value (<desktop>/<smarttitle>.pdf) fixed it.

It works now as it should and it's taking the file name as you showed in the video.

Thanks again for your support.

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