Select chanels to export in Sequencer

Marie-Line Bontemps

Posted on 21.12.2017 12:16


Using the sequencer, I load files and use the 'LoadDisplaySetup' to add some statistics chanels.

After having calculated, I want to export only calculated chanels and no data ones. How to select that in the sequencer. I use the function 'ExportDataEx'; Is there another way ?

Thanks a lot

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 27.12.2017 12:28


the sequencer doesn't have a functionality that would allow you to choose which channels you'd like to export. That can only be done through the user interface of the data file, or even better, through a setup file.

If you're using the same settings each time, I would strongly suggest that you set up your export properties in the setup file. Simply add the "Channels tab", right click on the grid and choose the "Edit columns" option. This will open a pop-up window, where you can choose which columns are displayed on the grid. For this case, we're looking for the "Exported" property, but you might also find other useful options like "Export rate" and "Export order". Simply select the channels that you'd like to export, and all of the data that's recorded using this setup will already have the export set up.

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