Screen printout question

Daniel Tseng

Posted on 31.10.2018 09:02


In the user manual, section "Analyse>>Publishing data>>Screen printout", there shows a example printout.

In that printout example, there shows the channels, events, and storing informations.

How can this be done?

Kindly find the attached picture for your reference.

Thank you.

Urban Baš
Software Test Engineer I
Posted on 02.11.2018 11:06

You can print the channels, events and storing information, by going in to the setup screen and then select print.

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Matias Bossio

Posted on 18.09.2019 10:17


I want to print a 2D graph and three images. When I print it to pdf or into a paper the attached images are lost.

How can I print all the data at the screen?

Thank you

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