Recorder widget question

Daniel Tseng

Posted on 03.04.2021 05:44


WE are using the software Dewesoft X and facing out an issue.

The version of Dewesoft X is 2020.2 (RELEASE-201208) (64-bit).

When we use the widget “Recorder” to analyze the data, the data show on the screen is incorrect. Please refer to attached file “Dewesoft_01.png.”

The strip in the incorrect area looks like there are numerous data points.

However, after expand the time axis, we found that there are only two data points. Please refer to the attached file “Dewesoft_02.png.”

This means the strip should be thin on the screen, rather than a thick strip like the diagram "Dewesoft_01.png".

Please kindly help us with this display issue, thank you.

Matic Pevec
Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 08.04.2021 10:20

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your question. This phenomenon appears due to the storing buffers used for visualization. As you realized the samples are there so the problem is only visualization. You can enable "Optimize sample buffers for best signal visualization". This should be enabled before you start storing the datafile.

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