Reading text file using sequencer

Dino Morio

Posted on 26.02.2018 15:56

Is it possible to read a text file in the sequencer?

Urban Baš
Software Test Engineer I
Posted on 27.02.2018 11:49

There is no function block to read a text file. You can open it with the file manager, but the sequencer can't read it.

Dino Morio

Posted on 27.02.2018 16:57

Well..its a bit point less if one can only open a text file and not read its contents.

Can this basic feature be added?

It would also be helpful to have some string manipulation function. For eg, reading a text file and assigning the values (separated by a delimiter) to variables.

Urban Baš
Software Test Engineer I
Posted on 01.03.2018 10:50

I have talked about this feature with our developer who works on the sequencer and he said, that the feature could be implemented.

We just need to define how it would work. I suggest, that this sequence block would accept 3 parameters - text file, row in file and a variable to assign the row to it. I believe this could only work with string variables. Some one also suggested adding regular expressions to this function, to only save data belonging to an expression.

What do you think? How would you like this to be implemented? You suggested that the text file reading would be done by separating the values by a delimiter, any other suggestions?

Like I said, we believe this would be a really useful feature for many people, that is why it needs to be done well - and many user inputs can achieve this.

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