Problems setting up PCB accelerometer in X2

John Flynn

Posted on 13.03.2015 00:30

Hi I am having a problem with the data I am getting out of my PCB accelerometer in Dewesoft X2 I have a =/- 10 g accel. setup and I am getting signals out greater that 10 g's The signal looks real but I am getting the overload red for the channel Any one have any suggestions?

Jure Knez
President & cofounder
Posted on 17.03.2015 16:21

Our instruments have some overhead at each range which allows to acquire about 10% higher values than normal. In this region we don't fully guarantee that the data are correct, sooner or later you will get into clipping.

Also sensors usually has not exact full range, but a bit more. In a case of IEPE accelerometer, it depends on maximum output voltage for supply current. Usually normal bias voltage is around 12-14 V and power supply can generate up to 28 V, so also on sensor side you have some overhead.

You can consider this as a "free addon" :)

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