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Stuart Smyth

Posted on 09.01.2020 16:44

Is it possible to perform post processing on imported data (txt file) that was not measured using dewesoft hardware.

Specifically, I have a text file of a vibration signal - I want to perform an FFT on the whole signal, but I am unable to add the imported data to a FFT graph. See image below where no signal is available when the FFT is selected.

Stuart Smyth

Posted on 09.01.2020 16:50

I changed the channel type to sync and this solved the issue.

Matic Pevec
Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 10.01.2020 08:00

Dear Stuart,

We're glad that you solved the problem your own.

Best regards

Matic Pevec

Erin Tanner

Posted on 17.10.2020 11:12

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Lemmy Atom

Posted on 21.10.2020 00:29

How do you remove an imported channel once its in your Channels list?

I'm in analyze mode and pulled in a single channel from a separate .dxd file but it wasn't the channel I was interested in and need it removed from my list.

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