possible causes for error "cannot export full speed data"

Rick Emerling

Posted on 28.04.2017 18:20

During testing (X2 SP6) one of the analog channels indicated an overload condition. Usually this causes no problems with the test, however on one occasion (today) a dialog box pops up saying:

Export data issue: cannot export full speed data

What causes this export data error? Could it be related to the overload condition? The acquisition is not all that fast (2KHz).


DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 09.05.2017 16:01


to which export type is the data file exported?
The easiest way of resolving this issue would be if the data file could be sent to us (can be also uploaded on the forum) and we can check why the issue appears.

It is also possible that updating to latest release resolves the issue.
It can be downloaded here: DEWESoft X2 SP9 binary

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