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Mitchell Johnson

Posted on 04.08.2017 16:00

Hi, I have been trying to read through the polygon manual, but I can't seem to find the setting I am looking for. This is the first time I have used polygon. Can you tell me the steps I need to do in order for the simulated car to drive around with the arrow keys? I press the keys on my keyboard, but the car does not move.

Also, I have attached a .kml file. I have tried to load it, but I can't see it. I want to be able to drive the simulated car around the track.

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DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 07.08.2017 08:17


to control the car with the arrow keys on your keyboard you will need to download an additional plugin called Vehicle simulation, available on this link: https://www.dewesoft.com/download?file=VehicleSimu...

Registering and adding the extension is the same as with the Polygon plugin. After you've added it, you only need to define the channels that will be used to move your vehicle in the Polygon plugin and you should be good to go.

The issue with your KML file is that it's missing the altitude component. If I import your map into Google Maps/Earth and export it using the default settings, the import to DEWESoft works without problems. I'm not sure how you configured your export but I would suggest that you use something like "Relative to the ground" for your third coordinate component instead of "Clamped to ground". I've also attached a re-exported version of your file which you can import to DEWESoft.

Also, apart from the manual, we also have a PRO training course available for the Polygon plugin, which you can use as quick guide to get you started using the plugin.

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