plugin dewesoft SCPI programming

jer jre

Posted on 08.10.2014 09:31


I want a plugin for communicating Dewesoft software with a measuring laison communicating via RS-232 or Ethernet using the SCPI programming (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments)

thank you

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 10.10.2014 06:15


all the plugins can be found here on our download section after login:

RS-232: Generic RS232 Plugin V1.1.1 (CONSIDER USING THE SUCESSOR PLUGIN: SerialCom)     User manual: Documentation RS232 Plugin V1.1.1

SerialCom:    User manual DewesoftSerialComPluginV2.0.3.pdf

Ethernet plugin: Ethernet receiver v2.4    User manual: EthernetReceiver Plugin Manual v1.0.0

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