Phase Calculation

Matthew Boespflug

Posted on 08.04.2010 15:20
I am running Dewesoft 6.6 with an ORION-3216 board. I want to be able to calculate the phase shift between two voltage measurments (sine wave) in real time. The math is fairly simple but my problem is how to get the delta time. It must be possible since Dewesoft has a built in scope and built in pulse width. Any recomendations?
Dewesoft Support

Posted on 12.05.2010 08:30
Dear Matthew, There are two way you can measure delta time. Using just math Using power module(power module can be enabled: Settings->Hardware Setup->Math Setup file for this measurement is enclosed on this link: There are demonstrated both ways using just math and power module, these methods are basicly the same but there is difference if noise is added to sine wave. Enclosed setup file does not use real data, sine wave is simulated and some noise is added, there is also Setting picture enclosed for enbling power module. If you start measurement with this setup file, you can see the difference if look at dt_with_noise and dt_using_power_module labels, it is the same measurement first one calculate delta time with using math an second one with power module. It is obvious that measuremen with power module is much more stable, because dt_with_noise jitter more than dt_using_power_module. With power module phase is calculated first, delta time is then calculated from phase: ∆t(ms)=φ(phase in degrees)/(360*f)*1000 Please do not hesitate to ask if there is any more question. Best regards! Uroš
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